Karen Colbert(non-registered)
I am here via your post on Facebook today to come and visit. The slideshow of your bird imagery it's the music was a true delight. Beautiful images one and all!
Elisabeth Murray(non-registered)
Hi Jerry! It was very nice to meet you personally at last Sunday's Meet Up @ Ft. Lauderdale and now to get to know your brilliant work on your website and Facebook. It amazes me how much your personality shows up in your work! Expecting something completely different from my first Meet up I probably was not too inspired myself that day but afterwards (looking at Karen's and your website) discovered other benefits of meeting fellow photographers. THANK YOU!
I especially like your birds and miksang pictures - the different presentation to the same birds (parrots) I have seen too. I wish you every success and hope to meet you one day again! All the best, Elisabeth
L Vanegas(non-registered)
Your work is spectacular!!!!
Cynthia Merzer(non-registered)
Interesting collection of images. I like the way you choose to post-process your images.
Mary Ann(non-registered)
I liked reading what photography means to you. I think it's fun to hear the different perspectives and interpretations people make on the same photograph.
Keith Harding(non-registered)
Jerry...Super Name! Congratulations!

Your work looks splendid and showcased with the same flare !

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